Why I Got Into Running – Heather Walker

Oct 25, 2018 | Fitness

At the start of this year I couldn’t run a mile and I had no intention of doing so. I wanted to get fit and lose weight but running wasn’t going to be a part of my plan. Why would I want to put myself through all of that? I’ve tried it before and I get as red as a lobster and I sweat loads plus I’m huffing and puffing and basically not feeling or looking my best!

No no no that’s definitely not for me I thought! So I set to working on my weight loss with other forms of cardio such as the cross trainer and the rower. I also included weights into my workout. All of the above has helped and I have lost five stone……so far. 

At the gym I go to I got talking to one of the instructors there and ( Adam) was telling me about a half marathon that he was going to be taking part in with his wife and I think it kinda got into my head. I also had read an article about how running is the best cardio workout that you can do as it’s an all over workout PLUS may help tone saggy skin. I’ve got a lot of weight to lose and my biggest fear is having that extra skin leftover so I’m doing everything in my power to prevent that!

So one day I was on the treadmill and I just decided to have a little jog….and that is how it began. I’m a complete novice at running and don’t pretend to know what I’m doing. When I first started I completely got it wrong with trying to run as fast as possible…..er no just don’t! Not if you want to stay on the treadmill 😂

So then I just tried to run for a decent amount of time and just improve on that. I’m tall anyway so have a pretty good stride but in those early days my running speed was probably 4.3mph and that was hard enough to stick too! In reality I was all over the place. 

When it all changed

It was when one of the other instructors ( Guy) suggested interval training. Wow that is a game changer and has completely turned my running on it’s head. He set me two different days of training, one to improve my stamina the other to improve my pace and stride.

Running is so hard but something that you have to dig deep with and stick at. Sometimes you might not make the time you set yourself but don’t treat it as a fail…..as it makes you stronger for tomorrow. The day after, you get up and you try again and you keep doing so until you improve.

My running tips.

Yes it’s going to be hard work and you have to mentally think why you are doing this. What you are gaining from this and what you want to achieve. I want to lose weight, be healthy and strong so ultimately that is what keeps me going and keeps the focus.

Head up, shoulders relaxed ( as much as possible) and try to get into a rhythm. Listen to loud music or whatever helps get you in the zone.

Remember to take a break, you’re body is amazing but you do also have to be kind to yourself! Otherwise you could risk an injury and nobody wants that. 

Move outside of your comfort zone…. It’s all to easy to get used to a pace and stick at it. I think when you’re starting out you need to keep pushing and upping the anti as that in turn will help with your all round fitness.

Another thing is that you will need good kit…so good trainers, leggings etc. You need to be wearing your most comfortable gear to support you through this!

Last but probably the most important……always remember to stretch. I always stretch before and after my run. I would seriously be the worst patient if I couldn’t run or workout so I’d rather take that extra time stretching. You are putting your body through so much so it’s crucial to take care of yourself

Since I started running I’m feeling so much fitter and have lost the most inches since I started this journey. I have even decided to take part in my first ever half marathon ( with Adam)  which is next month so as you can imagine I’m training like my life depends on it haha! I’m doing it with a team from my gym so it’s also a really good social thing.

I have gained so much from running and I can now see why people love it so much. That feeling when you actually achieve something that you couldn’t of done a month ago is the best feeling ever! I weigh myself every week and I’m loosing consistently but like I say I’ve really starting to notice the inch loss. Here is a picture below from when I first started ( orange vest) to up to last week. This has all been helped by my running 

One last thing I will add is that yes it’s important to hit the gym, run and keep active with whatever drives you but it’s also important what you put into your body.

I’m very lucky in the fact that the incredible team from BumbleZest have sent me some or their drinks. My goodness they are tasty little shots for my morning routine that will help keep my body healthy and strong. After all it’s what you put into your body also.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on running and if you are thinking about it…..just go for it!! I have gained so much confidence from doing it and am feeling at my fittest.

Right I’m off to hit that treadmill.

Take care.
Heather 💖

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