5 Incredible Reasons For Adding Turmeric To Your Daily Diet – Sunita Patmanathan

Oct 30, 2018 | Blog, Nutrition, Wellness

I am definitely no stranger to turmeric! Growing up in an Indian household, turmeric was not only used in almost every single dish we cooked but also in Ayurvedic medicine and in all our Hindu/Indian ceremonies. To me, it was a very common spice that I use daily. So you can understand when I say I was a little shocked to find out that so many people have not even heard of this AMAZING spice! In my mother’s words, “it heals everything” (ginger too btw!). So here are just 5 simple, straight-to-the-point reasons why turmeric should be included in your daily diet.

  1. Anti-inflammatory – The most important property in turmeric is curcumin and this is what helps fight the pain and inflammation. Its filled with antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals in our body. When put directly on wound, it heals the wound faster and reduces scaring at the same time.  Did you know that Curcumin is also what gives turmeric the beautiful colour?
  2. Improves Digestion – Turmeric aids with digestion as it improves how our fat is digested. It also helps with bloating and gas. Try having a hot cup of turmeric and ginger tea after dinner and you will know what I mean. There are also many research out there which proves that turmeric help with digestive disorders including IBS and cancers. Its being used widely to treat chronic diseases.
  3. Improves Skin Condition – Now by eating turmeric, you are already solving 90% of your problems. But it is also proven that using turmeric directly on your skin helps with many skin related problems such as acne, psoriasis, skin pigmentation, sun burn and even help with things like hair loss, itchy scalp and dandruff. There are many tips out there on how you can DIY, so check them out.
  4. Alzheimer’s and Brain Health – Turmeric is well known for offering an overall protection for our brain health. In simple words, antioxidants/curcumin in turmeric reduces the build-up of amyloid-b in the brain, which causes free radicals to damage the brain, and this is one of the main causes Alzheimer’s. Turmeric not only eliminates free radicals but also helps with regeneration of new brain cells.
  5. Improves Immunity – Low immunity can cause infection, malnutrition, stress and also effect our sleep. The anti-inflammatory property in turmeric helps with boosting our immune system. It is a natural antiseptic which fights against many bacteria including E-Coli! It also helps our liver flush out all the unwanted toxins in our body.. and this is what we want!

Now I can go on listing 20 more benefits of eating turmeric but I think you get the idea. Turmeric heals everything! (OK I sound like my mother!). It really is beneficial for the body and I urge you to add it to your diet. I try and include turmeric to my everyday cooking, and if its not in my food, its in some drink! I leave you with 3 of my latest turmeric dishes, Turmeric Chicken & Vegetable Soup, Turmeric Lentil Curry and Turmeric Daikon (Mooli) Stirfry. Recipes to these are on my blog.

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for reading! ( :

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