10 top tips for post pregnancy weight loss success- Rebecca Powell

Jan 18, 2019 | Nutrition

I am 5 months post pregnancy with my third child. My sweet little daughter, and I already have two Son’s.

Throughout my latest pregnancy, I craved huge bags of salt and vinegar crisps, big slabs of milk chocolate and bottles of fizzy lemonade!! Not an ideal diet or great food choices by any means but I felt like I was unable to fight it and just had to go with the flow.

Carbohydrates were my saviour!! Bread, pasta, rice, porridge, cereal……..anything and everything to stop me feeling so sick! By the end of it all I had gained a little over 3 stone.

Losing this weight has not been easy by any means! It has taken a huge amount of dedication, consistency within my workouts and food choices, a lot of hard work and good old time! Of course there have been days when I want to run back home and escape the gym, days where I have thought why bother, let’s just eat pizza and chocolate all day……..but then results do not come from that attitude!

You have to be dedicated and you have to really WANT to change!! It really is about getting the right balance between life and the results you want health coaching has helped me enormously to understand my body, to listen to it and to tune in to exactly what it needs! And all that knowledge plus the exercise equals great results and a vey sustainable lifestyle in which I can look how I want to, and still have days where I can eat and drink and be merry……I really have found my happy medium!!

My top tips for weight loss would be:

1) Fundamental to everything is SLEEP – sounds easy I know!! But without enough sleep you cannot function properly the next day and appetite hormones are released which causes the dreaded sugar cravings !! Aim for at least 7 hours a night!


2) Another vey simple one is enough WATER!! — our bodies need enough h20 as it uses it for so many bodily functions! Drinking lots keeps you hydrated, really helps diminish cravings and your body will be so grateful! I promise you!

3) Find an exercise you love and then it won’t seem like such a chore! For me it is lifting weights, I love how strong it makes me feel and also when muscles are recovering your body is burning lots of calories and therefore upping your Metabolic rate !

4) Aim to fill your plate with as many colours as possible from fresh vegetables – an array of colours means a wide variety of phytonutrients – and those bad boys = health!!

5) I use a skill called “Volumetric’s” – which is all about filling up on low calorie/nutrient dense foods –  so think Greek yoghurt and frozen berries – adding egg whites to omelettes to fill up on extra protein and adding grated courgette or cauliflower to my oats at breakfast time to add volume and fibre!

6) We all get cravings — it’s our bodies way of telling us we are lacking in something OR it could be an emotional craving!! You have to stop and ask yourself “Am I really hungry” or am I Stressed?!! Run a bath, read a book, call a friend or go for a walk — sometimes it is hunger linked to emotional reasons and we simply do not need the food! Fill the void with an activity!

7) I do not count calories – but I am very aware that calories contribute to weight loss and weight gain!! So I’m “mindful” of what I eat – I avoid processed foods as much as possible and refined sugar – and limit my alcohol intake!

8) I try to walk with the baby most days – walking is completely underrated as a form of exercise yet is has an insane amount of benefits to it!! It leaves you with no muscle soreness, no increase in appetite but yet it burns a lot more calories than you think and is great for cardiovascular health! Walk as much as you can!!!

9) I do love a great quality Protein powder – I add it to my oats or to Greek yoghurt as it adds such a great taste and sweetness but without adding calories or sugar!! I love proetin bars/powders and egg whites, which are a huge lifesaver to me!!

10) This is probably the most important tip to take away from this blog….you can eat all the kale and blueberries in the world and drink all the green juices — but unless you are happy in your MIND then you cannot be healthy!! Look after yourself with Self care, do something you love everyday and surround yourself with positive people and then if you are truly happy within – then good food choices should naturally flow from that!


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