How to Fit in Movement Around a Busy Life As a Mother?- Cordelia Simpson

Jul 5, 2019 | Blog, Fitness

Finding it impossible to squeeze in time to move? What with school-runs, play dates, parent taxi runs, attempting to have a social life, not to mention possibly trying to hold down a job too… I’m feeling your pain!

There are so many benefits to being active, ideally, I start my day walking the dogs. I love being in the fresh air – it clears my mind and helps to start my day with fresh energy and instantly the movement has begun.

I see movement as part of my self-care routine – if I don’t get it in, I know I’m going to feel sluggish and unable to function to my best ability and in my household that is not an option!

Here are just some of the benefits to more movement:

• Increases energy levels

• Reduces fat

• Controls weight

• Builds strength

• Improves mood

• Reduces stress

• Improves sleep

So I’ve put together 5 simple steps that always get me moving:


Sounds simple right? Good news it is!
• Ditch the car and walk
• Use public transport
• Take the stairs (back away from the elevator!) – the more flights the better.

2. Get outside

Fresh air is so uplifting; I’m out rain or shine:)
• If you have a dog walk it.
• If you don’t, just walk around a park or somewhere beautiful for at least 20mins per day.

3. Use a step counter

A bit of healthy competition never hurts.
• 10,000 steps a day
• Compete with friends or even better, adversaries!

4. Group exercise

This is an amazing way to meet likeminded people, it might take trying lots of different classes, you’ll get there…

• Community classes are usually more affordable and close to your home.
• Dancing, boxing, yoga, swimming, running…find something that works for you.
• 2-3 hours a week – lunch breaks, crack of dawn, late evening.
Find a time that works, it’s going to be worth it.

5. Move with your kids/ partner/ friends

It’s always more fun together!

• Take classes together; tennis, swimming, dancing, judo, yoga…
• Great excuse to kick a ball around, go on a bike ride, roller skate, rounders in the park…
• Garden sports are always fun; table tennis, badminton, cricket…get active together!
• Pick active days out like trampoline parks, climbing walls, bike ramps where you can all get involved. Active parents = active kids.

Of course, there’ll be days it doesn’t happen – let’s face it we all need a day of rest but I really think getting into a routine is the best way to start. Expect a lot from yourself! Aim high! You won’t want to let yourself down, we’re our own worst critics.

It’s so important for me to show my 4 children that being active is a way of life – it doesn’t have to be a massive drag! It’s actually when some of the best memories are made.

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