How to maintain a healthy vegan diet whilst travelling- Lauren Livingstone

Mar 22, 2019 | Travel

Often people can worry about staying healthy and maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet whilst travelling. It is well known that travelling can result in long journeys, island hopping, hostel living and eating cheaply on the go! But, look no further I have the perfect top tips to keep you feeling and looking fresh on your travels without worrying about the cost!

Talking about freshness (this may not be how you’re feeling or looking at times during your travels) but your can at least eat FRESH! Local markets are your best friends when it comes to fresh and organic fruit and vegetables!

They offer some of the most delicious colourful fruits for a very small price! These are perfect for snacking on, blending into smoothies, smoothie bowls or even a classic fruit salad! The same goes for veggies, such a variety of fresh greens to make up a salad or a snack for on the go.  You will find local fruit and veg markets nearly everywhere!

It is important to remember you don’t need to restrict yourself or worry about eating out. You are able to eat anywhere at anytime as long as you just opt for the ‘no meat’ ‘no dairy’ option! It is as simple as that! Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch or dinner there will always be an option or way to enjoy your meal – veganised! I have found it really helpful to learn the local word for ‘vegetarian’ or ‘no meat or dairy’! This might come in handy when you’re eating locally! You can still enjoy the experience of local cuisine to suit your dietary needs! Restaurants are becoming so much more flexible and adaptive to your dietary requirements so don’t be afraid to ask!

Stocking up on health bars or packets of nuts is such a great idea! These are amazing for giving you a boost of energy, packed with protein and healthy fats that will keep you going for longer. If you are on long journeys or even trekking up a mountain these will be essential to pack into your bag! You can take some of your favourites from home or easily buy them when you are travelling! They are reasonably priced and taste great! My advice would be to take some of your favourites from home, that way you know they don’t contain any milk or egg. It may be hard to read some of the ingredients labels if they are in a different language.

Enrich yourself in foods that are high in anti oxidants! Strawberries are amazing for providing antioxidants and vitamin C which also helps to protect your skin from sun damage, for those sunny beach days! Plus they taste delicious! You will ideally find these at any fruit market, so keep your eyes peeled for strawberries!

My last tip and probably the most important tip would be to make sure you have packed your B12  supplements, sprays, or stocked up on foods that are rich in Iron. It is important for people who follow a plant based diet to include B12 in their diet! Tempeh is my ultimate favourite vegan source of B12, protein and probiotics to keep your gut happy! You will find tempeh sold locally and in restaurants! It is a soy product and can be enjoyed with nearly every savoury dish! Tempeh originated from Indonesia, so you will be sure to find it anywhere across the country! Tempeh Tacos? Yes Please!

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