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Aug 7, 2018 | Blog, Nutrition, Wellness

Summer is here and feels like it is here to stay and although you may have switched to eating lighter meals there are certain elements of summer which can be also trigger unhealthy habits! So whilst we all want to have fun in the sun and enjoy the glorious weather here are 5 top tips to keep you healthy this summer.

1. Stay Hydrated – I know you have seen it a million times before but I can’t stress the importance of drinking water especially if you are partial to indulging in “Pimm’s o’clock!”.  For every alcoholic drink you consume drink a glass of water to stay hydrated. If you out and about in the sun take a bottle of water with you and set yourself water goals.  Also don’t wait until you are thirsty before drinking water, make it a habit to drink 2 litres a day.
Naomi’s TIP:  Check your pee!  If your urine is dark in colour or strong in smell then you are not drinking enough water, it should be almost clear with no odour

2. Eat Honey. If you are one of the 25% of the population who suffer from hay fever (sneezing, streaming nose, itchy saw eyes) then include raw local honey into your diet.  This is beneficial as it decreases sensitivity to the pollen that is causing the reaction and over time will alleviate symptoms.  Local raw honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.
Find raw honey at a local farm shop or order online.
Naomi’s TIP:  Consume 1 teaspoon of local raw honey a day year round to benefit.  You could add it to your tea or make a hot water with lemon and honey, add it to porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, salad dressings, marinades or just eat it off the spoon!

3. Eat Seasonally. Summer seasonal eating is my favourite as the berries are so sweet and delicious so we have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables readily available.  Try to find a local farmers market to purchase your fresh produce from not only will you benefit from the quality of the food but it also reduces the carbon footprint and helps to support local businesses.  Many farm shops will also deliver so once you have got to know what you like and how much you are consuming you can put in regular orders for delivery.
The problem with pre-packaged supermarket food is firstly the unnecessary plastic packaging and secondly the freshness of produce as most will have travelled thousands of miles and been picked before it is ripe and sprayed with chemicals to keep “fresh”.
Naomi’s TIP:  If you are shopping in your local supermarket start to notice where your produce comes from and at least try to buy food grown in the UK.

4. Move your Body. Boost your feel good endorphins by moving your body on a regular basis which is a great way to stay fit and healthy in your physical body but also is hugely beneficial for mental health too.
Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside to top up your vitamin D supply by giving yourself 10 minutes a few times a week of direct sunlight to your skin however be cautious and safe by avoiding the times of day when the sun is at its peak (11am – 3pm) when you should either stay in the shade or protect your skin with a cream, or wear a hat.
Naomi’s TIP:  Piggy back your new healthy habits by adding one onto another.  For example how about a family trip strawberry picking which is eating locally and getting outside moving your body, plus it is a great family day which connects to nature rather than electronics!

5. Enjoy a healthy BBQ. BBQ’s are super fun in the sun however studies show that grilling meat at high temperatures cause carcinogens to form which can be toxic causing cell damage.
You can reduce carcinogen formulation by cooking your meat in a homemade marinade which uses spices such as garlic, sage, thyme and rosemary which reduce carcinogen formulation.   Adding some alcohol to your marinade (wine or beer) can further reduce the carcinogens by up to 40%, marinade for up to 6 hours to benefit.
Finally try to reduce time on the grill by pre-cooking in the oven first.
Naomi’s TIP:  Overload on some alkalising salads and veggies before you start the meat feast which will reduce the amount of meat you eat and also be better for your digestion.  Salad digests much quicker than meat so when it is eaten after it sits on top of the meat and can’t digest effectively.

Wishing you a very happy and Healthy Summer from Naomi’s Kitchen x


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