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Jun 28, 2018 | Self Care

  1. Take time out and rest – Listening to our body when it needs rest is so important. Our bodies are usually good at telling us what it needs most of the time. If you are feeling tired, lethargic, unable to concentrate, then this could be our bodies telling us to take a break and rest. Take some time out for you, catch up on a t.v. series you are currently watching or have been meaning to watch, read a book, take a nice long relaxing bath with lots of bubbles, listen to soothing music. Just some time out from our hectic busy lives can make a world of difference in order to recharge. Remember you are not a robot, you need some time out for you, and by doing so you should hopefully feel the benefits which will in turn make you perform better in many aspects of your life. Pushing your body further than it’s limits will make you unwell, both mentally and physically, so go and put your feet up and relax!

2. Set boundaries – Work hard, play even harder. Isn’t that what they say? Leave work at work, when you are not at work do not think about work! Switch off, do not let it get to a point where you are feeling anxious over work. Worrying will not achieve nor change anything. This is now YOUR time. We spend most of our time at work, why spend more of our time worrying about it? Enjoy your time, focus on your social life which is just as important. Make plans with friends, plan days out, look for some fun activities or events. Give yourself something to look forward too. Enjoy those special moments with family and friends, create happy memories, live your life to the fullest and the best way you can.

3. Go for a walk – Get outdoors and go for a walk. Whether it be a stroll through the park, over some fields, or even in your local area, go out and get some fresh air. It will give you an opportunity to reflect and have some time to yourself. Take in any wonderful scenery there may be – you may even find some new places you never knew existed! Go for an explore, walk somewhere you have never been before, and on your travels why not try a new café or coffee shop and enjoy that time on your own. I tend to go out on my own quite often, even though I enjoy socialising with others, I still enjoy my own company and appreciate that alone time, I find that it really does help me relax, I just take my time, go at my own pace and I take the opportunity to clear my mind.

4.  Book a Spa Break – Sometimes we need a break in order to relax and have some time away from our daily routine which can make a big difference to our wellbeing. Take a relative or a friend on a relaxing spa weekend. Take advantage of all of the facilities available to you. Book some treatments – I personally love a massage! Being pampered is a lovely feeling that we do not always have the pleasure of experiencing – and we all deserve to be pampered now and again! So go and grab that special person in your life, treat yourself and go on that spa break!

5. Low Intensity Workout – Exercise is great for relieving stress/anxieties but it can also have it’s drawbacks too – HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are great, and I must admit I do love a HIIT workout, however, performing HIIT workouts too often can put a lot of stress on the body which can result in an over production of cortisol levels (stress hormone) which can have some negative side effects. During times of stress/anxieties, more lighter workouts like yoga or pilates could be so much more beneficial than an intense HIIT workout. During times when you are feeling anxious try and reduce those HIIT workouts and concentrate more on the less intense workouts in order to give your body time to recover, which in turn could improve your feelings. We are all different, and the amount of exercise one can perform will vary from person to person, but the main thing is to always listen to your body, cherish your body and take good care of it.

6. Enrol Into a Class/Course – Learn something new. This could be a fun class or course, whether it be a cooking class, dance class, joining a sports club – the world is your oyster! Be creative, try something you would never think of doing. Interact, meet new people, make new friends. This will give you a focus and may eliminate any of those anxious feelings you have been preoccupied with. As well as having fun you will also get to learn something new which may then inspire you to try more new things

7. Calming scent – Scented candles or oil diffusers are great for subtly creating a calming ambience and cosy environment. Certain scents can be a mood changer and help get you relaxed. I recommend a lavender scent which contains soothing and calming properties to help bring you some calm and make you feel relaxed (as well as smelling so good!). Or you could choose a scent that works well for you, or one that brings back happy memories and gives you a warm happy feeling.

8. Sleep – Sleep! The amount of sleep we require varies from person to person. 7 to 8 hours a night is usually a good amount, however everyone’s needs are different, one person may need more sleep while another can survive comfortably on less. In order to recharge and feel fresh for the next day ahead, a good night’s sleep should definitely be on the cards! Getting a good night’s sleep can work wonders for your health, mind and general wellbeing, and you will feel so much better for it. Not getting enough sleep or not having a restful night’s sleep can add to the anxieties you may already have as well as exasperating other possible negative side effects. Nobody likes feeling tired and groggy throughout the day, you want to wake up feeling refreshed and kick start your day positively. If you are a late sleeper, try going to bed that bit earlier, set yourself a reasonable time in the evening where you can start to prepare yourself for sleep, once you’ve done that then turn the t.v. off, stop looking at your phone and maybe read a book in bed before going to sleep. By unwinding earlier in the evening you are giving your mind a rest which will help you get to sleep better. I can be a notorious late sleeper which in turn only makes me feel super tired in the morning or results in me oversleeping! I love to wake up early and start my day feeling refreshed and full of energy, so I try to make a conscious effort to unwind earlier in the evening which makes it more likely for me to get the right amount of sleep that I need.

9. Talk – Talking to someone may be what we need to help us get through difficult times, when the feelings of anxiety are heightened, someone there to listen to us could help lift a weight of our shoulders. Seek help if you need it, even if you think you do not need it, it does not hurt to talk to a family member or a friend, or go to a healthcare professional who may even deem it necessary to refer you to a specialist. You deserve any help you can get, never think you are a burden or a failure for talking to someone about your struggles, opening up to someone could be one of the best things you do to help you through any difficult times in your life. Try and be as open and honest as possible in order to get the right help for you.

10. Keep a Diary/Journal – If you feel you are unable to talk to someone for whatever reason, then writing in a diary/journal could be something to consider. It may help to relieve some of the anxious feelings, by offloading those thoughts and feelings on paper. It is a personal account of your feelings, emotions and thoughts and by writing it down, it may feel like you are releasing some of those anxious feelings that are trapped inside and not knowing which path out to take. If you find it hard speaking to someone then maybe you could even show them your diary/journal which would give them an insight to your personal thoughts in order for them to get a better understanding of what is going on in your life, maybe then you could elaborate on what they have read and you do not have to feel overwhelmed by going into everything all at once. It is for you to decide what you do with your diary/journal, never feel pressured to share if you do not want to, it is your choice what you do with it. You should utilise it however you feel it will benefit you and your anxieties.

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