5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga- Lauren Tai

Feb 8, 2019 | Blog, Nutrition, Wellness

1. Anyone can do it

Although flexible, sun kissed yogis are all over Instagram, yoga is not limited to a specific demographic. Yoga is accessible for everyone regardless of size, gender, fitness level, flexibility or strength. There are so many different types of yoga: for people who want a very strong and physical practice then Vinyasa/Power/Rocket yoga is the way to go, for other people who want a more relaxed practice or have certain injuries,  then yin and restorative yoga is the way to go. In my classes I have a wide variety of people, some who have never done yoga before, some more experienced and there will always be options within a class so you can always find something to try or not try. Yoga is the perfect time to play, to work out how your body moves and find other ways to move it. It’s not all women in Lycra I promise! Seated meditation can be difficult for beginners and yoga is considered a moving meditation where you become so focused on the body you cannot really think about anything else. It’s perfect if you’re feeling anxious, or worried as it allows you to just take some time in your day to check back in on yourself and how your body feels.

2Yoga helps with all other sports/physical activities

I am a pretty active person and fell into yoga because I kept getting injured from running but this was because my muscles were always so tight. People who lift heavy weights or do a lot of cardio need yoga to balance out the muscles and release muscle tension. Yoga helps to prevent injury and also aids performance as your body is more functional with more range and mobility. Recently, I’ve started a Yoga for Surfers class designed to target the muscles used most in surfing, there are so many other yoga classes which cater to sports, including Yoga for Runners or Yoga for Cyclists. Yoga also improves body awareness and proprioception which will assist any other physical activities you do.

3. Yoga calms the mind

That might sound like a very hippy and abstract thing to say, but in today’s society we are constantly stimulated, whether it be from our computers or laptops at work, the Netflix or TV shows we watch or the unlimited amount of stimulation from our smart phones. This means that we rarely get to switch off, our brains are constantly processing the different images we see or things we hear which can lead to us constantly thinking about things. Yoga helps move us into the body through a focus on the physical body and movement of the breath, away from the whirlwind of the mind.

4. Yoga can be done anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get to a yoga class or if you’re at your desk all day, yoga can be done wherever, by yourself or with friends. If you can’t get to a class or can’t afford a class in the many swanky studios around town, look out for free events or practice online with Youtube. You can always do yoga. It might be some simple stretches at the desk or concentrating on your breathing for 5 minutes. This is ALL yoga! You don’t even have to change into gymwear and you don’t really need any special kit.

5. The yoga community is incredible

I’ve made so many friends doing yoga and seen so many students who’ve met in my class develop friendships. Because yoga is for everyone, you get to meet and connect with such a wide variety of people, crossing paths with people you would never really meet in your day to day lives. The majority of people I’ve met in yoga are looking to improve themselves or learn more about themselves in some way, whether that be physically or mentally. The yoga community is global, so you’ll be able to have a common language wherever you go!

So in conclusion, if you’re on the fence about starting yoga or going to yoga, then do it! No one ever regretted going to a yoga class…

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